LOT Polish Airlines and the National Museum in Warsaw have unveiled a new joint project – a safety video. The new video, which presents safety rules on board, was recorded at the 19th Century Art Gallery. The safety video is a mandatory part of passenger education and is part of LOT’s brand strategy to promote Polish heritage.

On December 7, LOT Polish Airlines unveiled its new on-board safety rules video in the spaces of the National Museum in Warsaw. The plot of the film’s instruction for passengers takes place in the 19th Century Art Gallery, among masterpieces of Polish painting. The footage was shot in a modern, storytelling manner – it features paintings by Jan Matejko, Olga Boznanska, Jacek Malczewski and Jozef Mehoffer. The unexpected form of communicating safety instructions with the help of museum interiors and works of art is meant to keep the viewer’s attention just before the flight and is one of the important elements of the brand experience.

In addition to the obvious informational purpose, the film has an important image function. LOT is a Polish brand with global reach. Through the presence of aircrafts in foreign ports, we are not only a natural promoter of Poland and its best qualities, namely hospitality and friendliness, but also a carrier of culture and national heritage. The new safety video is part of our ESG (ed. Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance) strategy, an element of which is precisely the promotion of Polish culture. Inviting the National Museum to this project perfectly complemented our goal. Together we invite viewers to the welcoming decks of LOT Polish Airlines and the unique interiors of the National Museum – says Ewa Lampart, Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications at LOT Polish Airlines.

The new safety video was shot in the unique interiors of the National Museum in Warsaw – the 19th Century Art Gallery. It is about 300 objects – masterpieces primarily of Polish painting, but also selected works by French, German, Austrian, Russian, Dutch and Finnish artists. The gallery reflects the richness and diversity of trends of the period.

We knew from the beginning, that the main backdrop for the safety video would be the 19th Century Art Gallery – the most visited gallery in the Museum, which attracts more than 300,000 visitors a year. It is here that can be admired the works of key artists in Polish culture such as Olga Boznańska, Jan Matejko, Józef Mehoffer, Jacek Malczewski, Józef Chełmoński and Julian Fałat. The museum carries out its mission of protecting and providing access to its collections, which are an important part of the national heritage, in many ways. Certainly one of the most interesting, which allows it to reach new audiences, is the cooperation with various entities and unusual projects. Music videos, thrillers, social campaigns have been created in our spaces, and each of these projections has shown the Museum’s collections from a slightly different perspective. We are pleased that the Museum’s collection continues to be explored and inspires different environments, and thanks to our cooperation with LOT, the works of art, which are located in the 19th Century Art Gallery on a daily basis, will travel with passengers to the remotest corners of the world – says Kornelia Szpunar, Director’s Representative for Communications and Education.

The Safety video is part of an important pre-flight procedure. According to the Passengers safety briefing regulation formulated by EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency), the airline is obliged to instruct passengers about safety on board. The Safety video is a material broadcasted each time during flight preparatio. At LOT Polish Airlines, it applies to flights operated by Boeing 787-8 and 9 Dreamliner aircrafts.

Krystyna Czubówna, well known to LOT passengers, remains the lector of the pre-flight safety instruction. A safety video version in sign language is also in preparation.

Idea and production supervision of the new safety video: Grey Worldwide Warsaw Agency.

Directed by: Adrian Chudek.

Post-production: Coloroffon.

Composer: Marek Domański.

Production house: Prime Time.

Producer: Barbara Poznański, Aneta Bieniek.

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