LS Airport Services

Poland’s biggest company dealing with handling, i.e. ground handling of passenger, private, business, military and government aircraft. The company also operates cargo aircraft and freights and manages the LS CARGO PARK complex.

LSAS provides services in four largest airports in Poland – Warsaw, Modlin, Gdansk, Cracow and Katowice.

The company employs over 3,000 employees who handle 220,000 operations per year and take care of the safety and comfort of over 24 million passengers.

We deliver services to over 50 carriers worldwide, providing, inter alia, the following services:

  • aircraft handling with specialized handling equipment
  • balancing aircraft, i.e. the proper distribution of the load on board
  • heating and cooling passenger cabin of the aircraft
  • aircraft deicing anti-icing protection;
  • towing and pushbacks of aircraft
  • tidying up the aircraft
  • airport transport
  • carriage of passengers and crew members between the aircraft and terminal
  • carriage of disabled passengers using special equipment
  • loading and unloading of luggage, cargo and mail in passenger aircraft
  • comprehensive service of cargo aircraft

LSAS also provides passenger services such as: ticket and luggage check-in, verification of travel documents, ticket and checkout service, lost baggage office, boarding process support, passenger assistance on the way to and from the aircraft.

As the sole owner of the complex of LS CARGO PARK buildings, located in the immediate vicinity of the airport apron, the Warsaw Cargo Branch provides storage services in a temporary customs storage warehouse.

We offer services in the field of air cargo traffic including hazardous materials within the meaning of IATA DGR regulations, including radioactive materials and handling of special consignments, live animals, diplomatic mail and others.
We carry out security control of cargo, courier shipments, express shipments and mail prior to their dispatch on the basis of the Registered Agent status granted to us by the Civil Aviation Authority.

  • We also have at our disposal the General Aviation team, which provides comprehensive services for private, corporate, government charter, medical or military aircraft. Under this service, we offer
  • operational supervision in Warsaw and other domestic airports
  • permissions to land and SLOT
  • passenger, crew and baggage handling
  • handling landing fees and navigation charges
  • transport for passengers and crew inside and outside the airport
  • ordering catering, press, flowers, etc.
  • rest lounges for passengers and crews at the General Aviation Terminal
  • ordering fuel
  • hotel bookings and a range of other services on request
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