PGL Leasing S.A.

45A Komitetu Obrony Robotników St.

02 -146 Warsaw

T. +48 784 009 966

Key area of PGL Leasing activities is purchase and financing in form of operating and finance lease, rental or loan financing of:

  • aircraft (communication, training, transport airplanes, single or multi-engine, helicopters and ultra-light planes),
  • spare engines,
  • flight simulators and widely understood GSE equipment and other aviation assets.

Company is focusing on above mentioned assets, financing both entities related with PGL S.A., and external entities operating in the sector or using airplanes and GSE equipment in their business.

Proposal of financing terms we base on the expertise in leased assets, supported by industry knowledge of PGL Group entities. We finance both new and used assets, matching financing period to the type and age of the asset.

Company registered in the District Court of the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, XIV Commercial Division of the National Court Register, KRS 0000791507, NIP 5223162216

Share capital: 25 000 000 zł. paid-in full

Member of the Board: Jakub Brodziak
Proxy: Maria Kalwasińska

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