LOT Aircraft Maintenance Services

The company offers a full range of maintenance services at the level of base and line services as well as aesthetics and workshop support.

The Company has been operating as an independent entity since 2010, continuing its 90 years of tradition as LOT Polish Airlines Technical Base. Responding to customer needs and challenges posed by the dynamically changing aviation industry, LOTAMS is constantly expanding its range of services, focusing primarily on the continuous development of highly qualified personnel.

The company employs over 1000 specialists who ensure continuous, uninterrupted service on seven service lines at the same time, together with appropriate support for line maintenance and extensive workshop facilities (including, inter alia, non-destructive testing, composites workshop or electrical and avionics systems workshop). Market-tailored operations are possible thanks to the specialist in-house training programs offered under the PART-147 certificate. Moreover, LOTAMS employees also take part in trainings organized by aircraft manufacturers, thanks to which the company is ready to service the world’s most advanced aircraft. The wide range of aircraft operated, combined with experienced personnel providing top-level maintenance services, makes LOTAMS a recognisable base in the European market to which airlines from all over the world entrust their fleets.

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