LOT Polish Airlines has purchased sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from SkyNRG, a global leader in these fuels. The transaction demonstrates the airline’s commitment to reduce its carbon footprint and minimize aviation’s impact on the environment. SAF fuel was supplied to the hydrant system at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport under the book-and-claim agreement, which is co-sponsored by PLL LOT passengers.

SkyNRG and PLL LOT are joining forces in pursuit of sustainable growth in the aviation industry. As part of the partnership, PLL LOT purchased SAF fuel from SkyNRG and became the subject of an independent audit to examine its environmental impact. The partnership reflects the airline’s unwavering commitment to reduce its carbon footprint and minimize aviation’s impact on the environment.

The agreement with SkyNRG demonstrates LOT Polish Airlines’ consistent efforts to reduce the environmental impact of flight operations. We have implemented a Fuel Efficiency Management Policy, that affects the reduction of CO2 emissions from our flights, and the provision of SAF to aircraft at Amsterdam Airport is part of PLL LOT’s decarbonization strategy. PLL LOT’s cooperation with SkyNRG is a guarantee of a lasting business relationship between two strong players in the aviation market – said Dorota Dmuchowska, Chief Operating Officer at LOT Polish Airlines.

As part of the partnership, LOT Polish Airlines opted for a book-and-claim arrangement, supplying SAF fuel to the hydrant system at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, rather than directly refueling their fleet. This arrangement allowed LOT to reduce its carbon footprint without having to physically use the fuel in its own planes, which translated not only into lower carbon emissions, but also into lower costs associated with unnecessary fuel transportation.

LOT Polish Airlines used a collaborative approach to fund the collection of SAF fuel from SkyNRG, using voluntary donations from passengers supporting the airline’s strive to reduce carbon emissions. The SAF fuel buyback demonstrates the alignment of LOT’s vision and operations with the expectations of environmentally-conscious passengers.

The purchase of SAF sustainable jet fuel by LOT Polish Airlines is the evidence of a consistently implemented strategy under the Destination ECO program. The agreement with SkyNRG is the beginning of a sustainable and balanced direction within the framework of reducing emissions from our flight operations, also in the context of the adopted strategy for 2024 – 2028 – said Mateusz Dziudziel, director of the Fuels Office at LOT.

Theye Veen, commercial board member at SkyNRG, expressed his enthusiasm by saying: We are pleased to accompany PLL LOT on its sustainability journey. By choosing our SAF and innovative book-and-claim method, LOT is showing that it cares about passenger needs and is demonstrating its commitment to more responsible aviation practices. We look forward to supporting PLL LOT as they make the airline industry more sustainable.

SAF’s reception is the first part of SkyNRG and PLL LOT’s growing ambition to create an environmentally friendly future for aviation and help the airline industry achieve its goal of net zero emissions by 2050.

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